June Berry Necklace - 31 Bits - SOLD OUT

June Berry Necklace - 31 Bits - SOLD OUT

Two-tiered strands of slate coloured beads, fastens with button clasp

Hand-made with recycled paper by women in Uganda.


After a life-changing trip to Uganda, Katie Dovell recruited a group of friends and started 31 Bits, a company that provides an economic channel for jewellery made by Ugandan women in Gulu. The jewellery is hand-made using 100% recycled paper and other local materials. 31 Bits now employs over 100 women, allowing them to rise above poverty and successfully maintain sustainable livelihoods. With the profit that 31 Bits generates, they pay the women fair wages while also helping to develop their skills through various programs, such as English lessons, finance training and AIDS and health education programs.

  • $32.40